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Start your next chapter.
It’s about time.

I take the stress and complexity out of buying, selling, leasing, and renting so you can enjoy the process. This is supposed to be fun! Let's get started.

Moving is No Longer a Hassle

Modern living room

No matter what your Seattle move looks like, there are a lot of moving parts! 


Finding a home you love is the fun part, but…


What if you hate the green dining room in the new house and don't have time to change it before the move? 


And how will you deal with all the stuff crammed in your garage? Or the unfinished bathroom project? 


Maybe you’re worried about timing your sale and purchase just right or figuring out what your hybrid commute will look like. 


And what if you need to switch schools or daycare? 


Don’t stress—I've got you.

Outsource Your Stress. Enjoy Yourself.

Research shows that moving is one of the highest stressors a person can experience. But it doesn’t need to be this way! 


Whether you're selling or leasing your home, or buying or renting a new one, moving doesn't need to take over your life.


With Seattle Realty Boutique, you'll have the support you need to start your next chapter without all the stress. 


And that will free you up to focus on finding a home that’s right for you and enjoying a smooth transition.


Imagine yourself on the other side. I’ll help you get there.

Green farmhouse kitchen
Gwyneth by barn doors

Real Estate Simplified for Busy Families

The challenges of today’s real estate market require something different than what agents offered in the past. At the same time, managing all of life’s moving parts has become significantly more complex. 

Once upon a time, you needed information; now, you need help.

I’m Gwyneth Parmar, and what I do for my clients is much more than you’ll find with most standard Realtor® services—a fresh, practical approach to real estate. 

By genuinely getting to know you and learning your goals for your next chapter, we determine what support aligns with your needs, preferences, and priorities to get you from here to there with confidence and without it taking over your life.   

I partner with your family to get everyone settled in one piece! Whether it’s finding contractors, great options for schools and daycare, or temporary storage facilities, I’ve got you covered. 

Last but not least, I ensure your home is prepared with everything you need for a smooth move-in day.

Simplifying these complexities allows you to focus on the things that matter most. It also allows me to do what I love. 

Let’s get started. 

How I Can Help You

Luxury House

I’ll go beyond the standard transaction and support you in managing everything you need to make your purchase or sale smooth and successful.

Working with Me is Simple

Step 2 – We’ll Put a Customized Plan in Place

Once we decide we’re a great fit, I’ll create a project plan. I’ll tailor it to your must-haves, wish lists, timeline, and budget to ensure your move is successful.

Country Style Home

If you’re renting, I’ll help you find a place you love. And if you’re an owner, I’ll work with you to prepare your unit and find tenants who are a great fit.

Step 1 – We’ll Get to Know Each Other

Let’s meet up for coffee. We’ll chat about your unique goals and how my personalized services can support you. Yep, you guessed it—no stress and no obligations.

Step 3 – You’ll Have Fun Starting Your Next Chapter

Watch the plan unfold as you settle into your new life and reflect on how much fun it was. Best paired with wine!

Suburban House

I'd Love to Make You My Next Happy Client!

"We found Gwyneth to be so kind and professional. With her knowledge and expertise, we were prepared and confident, and our showings went off without a hitch. She gave us all the details and tools we needed, without once overwhelming us. Gwyneth knows the region, knows the market and walked us through every step, with efficiency and grace, and we highly recommend her."

"As first-time home buyers in a fast-moving market, we had a lot to learn about the process in a very short period of time. Gwyneth was so helpful to us, as she was responsive, patient with our questions, and gave us advice that ultimately helped us to make the right offer and find our new home."

Nick & Rebecca Bailey, first-time home buyers & new to Seattle
Greenwood, Seattle

"Gwyneth was absolutely amazing in every step of the buying/selling process. I appreciated her honest assessments of our property, her responsiveness to requests to tour properties, and her genuine care when answering questions. I valued her time greatly and recommended her to friends." 

Shae Quigley & Leah Thomson, up-sizing from a condo to first home

The Erreras 

Wallingford, Seattle

Featured Homes

If you’ve been stressing about your next move…

Get support from an agent who gets where you’re going.

Why juggle a hundred projects and to-dos when you don’t have to? Let’s talk about how I can work with you to take things off your plate so you can focus on finding a Seattle home you love, starting your next chapter, and having fun all along the way!

House Viewing

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