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Free course in real estate investing offered at Phinney Center

Gwyneth Parmar of Seattle Realty Boutique

by Chris Maykut | Mar 1, 2024. Originally published by 

If you have ever been curious about how to get started in real estate investing, you are invited to come have lunch (and learn) with Seattle Realty Boutique and Movement Mortgage. On Friday, March 29th, you are invited to learn how to get started in real estate investing in this 101 crash course and discussion with your Phinney neighbors.

This free session will provide fundamentals and strategies for getting started with real estate investment, whether renting a portion of your own property or a separate one. Local experts will cover how to identify the best opportunities and understand differences in financing for investment property.

Gwyneth Parmar (above) with Seattle Realty Boutique will take the mystery out of searching for an investment property, provide guidance, and share valuable lessons learned. The session will also introduce you to one of real-estates newest trends – “house-hacking” – maximizing the potential of your property for investment purposes.

Attendees will also gain valuable insights into the similarities and differences between financing for investment properties and conventional loans. Jon Wagher from Movement Mortgage will navigate through the complexities, offering clarity on how to leverage financing for investment properties, and whether as part of one’s own home or a separate building.

Whether you’ve decided to invest or simply exploring, this will be a valuable introduction. Attendance is free, and lunch will be provided. Seating is limited, so be sure to RSVP early to secure your spot.

Phinney Center: Blue building Room 1

Friday, March 29th, noon – 1pm

Space (and lunch) is limited, so sign up here

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