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Seattle Realty Boutique featured in The Review by the Phinney Neighborhood Association

Gwyneth Parmar of Seattle Realty Boutique

by Julie Gangler |Spring 2024, page 17. Originally published by Phinney Neighborhood Association. View/download the flipbook here.

Seattle Realty Boutique

Gwyneth Cunningham Parmar

Gwyneth Cunningham Parmar had been a real-estate investor for years before managing her family’s move to Seattle from Chicago in 2014. Finding a rental remotely and relocating a family proved a real challenge. She realized she wasn’t alone – modern families have jobs, kids, and activities to juggle during the process of moving and getting reestablished in a new city.

“I recognized real-estate was changing,” said Gwyneth. “Clients don’t need their realtors to tell them what’s on Zillow, they need much more. Over several years, what began as my story evolved into a mission to rescue busy clients in the same boat. I wanted to help other families avoid an exhausting move. Rescuing busy families is my happy place.”

She established Seattle Boutique Realty in 2018. What makes it unique is that she offers a more personalized real estate service, supporting clients with a broader range of real estate needs. She manages everything in-house, preventing families from being overwhelmed.

“Whether a client is buying, selling, leasing, or renting a home, I build a long-term relationship with them,” said Gwyneth. “Clients have a holistic experience that encompasses relocation services, home updates, and expertise that supports their goals short- and long-term.

“Every client has unique needs and wants. I help them identify what these are and focus on their priorities. I learn enough about my clients to create a ‘client lens’ so I can see potential properties through their eyes. Then I know what will work for them, and become their ally during one of life's most significant chapters.”

On Friday, March 29 at noon, Gwyneth will share her experience at a lunch-and-learn session at the Phinney Center. Learn how to get started in real-estate investing and house-hacking from her 12 years as a happy hacker.

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